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Our products are mainly applied in packaging, automotive, printing, electronic, building, transportation industries, etc. And they are exported to over 40 countries and regions in the world's major economies to achieve a win-win.
Packaging Aluminum   Automotive Aluminum   Printing Aluminum
Aluminum packaging materials include pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum foil, etc., and mainly applied to packaging for food, cosmetic, phamaceutical, etc.   Provide plate stock and foil stock products for auto industry manufacturing. Applied to car underframe, oil tanks, passenger car body, car body and radiator, etc.   Printing Aluminum materials mainly used in signage, awards and plaques, name plates, license plates, information board, metal photos, electrical products' panel/cover, personalized metal gifts, etc.
Building and Construction   Transportation Aluminum   Electronic Aluminum
For its intensity, high performance, good anti-corrosion and welding performance, aluminum alloy is widely used in buildings.   Our company provides aluminum sheet and other products for transportation and they are widely used in ships, high-speed rail, railways, etc.   Aluminum has low density, good conductivity and processing performance, so it is widely used in electronic industry.
Marine Aluminium   Polysurlyn Insulation Aluminum    
The low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance of aluminum reduce the weight of ships made of aluminum by 20% compared with ships made of steel or other alloy materials.This reduces weight and energy consumption.   Polysurlyn Aluminum Coil with polykraft paper is preferred on the metal jacketing for all applications of mechanical including that used in hot, cold, pipe, tanks, equipment, industrial, commercial, petrochem, and oil/ gas applications.    

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